It now seems that the Emigrates chairman, Tim Clarke, has very angrily rejected claims that the airline accepted government subsidies in order to bolster its financial position. During the interview, the Middle Eastern carrier also went on to deny the use of export credit rules that benefit regional airlines. There have been growing concerns in [...]

Strikes in France to Disrupt Both Air and Rail

Posted on: September 7th, 2010 Posted by Helen Young

Anyone that is heading to France over the next few days should expect disruptions as workers prepare to take industrial action over proposed pension reforms. A strike started over this past weekend and now will last until early on Wednesday morning. Air travel between the UK and France is very likely to be affected due [...]

As the Pakistani president prepared to meet with David Cameron, he said that people have lost the battle for hearts and minds. Asif Ali Zardari went on to say that international communities are losing the war against the Taliban. The warning in Le Monde could prove to put a further strain on relations between the [...]

Official figures are now showing that fewer people will be in work over the next few years. This is all due to the coalition Government’s austerity plans. Job losses in the public sector are expected to total more than 600,000 by 2016 according to the Office of Budget Responsibility. This will come in light of [...]

It now seems that the UK Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has said that there will be no rebellion by members of this Liberal Democrat party over tax increases and spending cuts that were brought up in last week’s emergency budget. For people that agree with the budget, this is big and great news. He went [...]

It appears that the UK government has not given up talking about the possibility of changes to the very unpopular Air Passenger Duty tax. This time changes were discussed during an emergency budget meeting. The government, while addressing the House of Commons this week, suggested that they are willing to explore changes to the aviation [...]