Apparently the Big Brother 6 winner, Anthony Hutton, has just recently been returned to the Big Brother house. This happened as he was brought back as Makosi’s “love guest” in a task. He then joined his old flame for a nice little picnic. Anthony, age 29, shocked viewers back in 2005 after taking a drunken [...]

Big Brother 11 Winner Wants John James to be The One

Posted on: September 2nd, 2010 Posted by Robert Jones

The well known Big Brother 11 winner, the same person who left Ultimate Big Brother less than 48 hours into the show, hopes that John James is the one for her. Josie went on to admit that they are officially a couple, and she hopes to be with him for the long haul. When asked [...]

Manchester Airport Sees the Arrival of an Airbus A380

Posted on: September 2nd, 2010 Posted by Helen Young

It seems that just recently an Airbus A380, operated by Emirates, arrived at Manchester Airport. This means that Manchester is now the first regional destination to receive a super jumbo jet. Of course, this “first” came at a price. Apparently Manchester airport spent some £10 million over the past two years in preparation for this [...]

Apparently, just recently on Ultimate Big Brother, Chantelle Houghton, admitted that she should have just had therapy after her divorce and not plastic surgery. However, coming out with a new self image is one common way of dealing with divorce. Despite this, Chantelle, admitted that she went too far following her break up with Ordinary [...]

Ultimate Big Brother Sees Michelle Bass in Bikini

Posted on: August 31st, 2010 Posted by Stewart Perry

Just recently, Ultimate Big Brother housemate Michelle Bass came out in front of the camera and flaunted her very curvy figure. This was all done in a bikini that highlighted her boobs. It did not take this housemate long to strip down into her bikini since she has just moved into the house hours ago. [...]

According to recent reports, passengers on a British Airways flight just had a big scare. Apparently this scare came after they were told that they were going to crash into the sea by an emergency message. Reports later went on to say that this message was played in error. So far media reports have shown [...]