According Philip Hammond, the Transport Secretary, the profitability of the airports in Britain will depend on passenger experiences. He went on to say that there would be cash rewards for airports where the standards are raised in areas such as security, car parking and queue length. The Transport Secretary also suggested that airport operators will [...]

It seems that British Airways just cannot seem to get itself back on track and away from cabin crew strikes. In fact, the cabin crew from the airline have just recently started fresh five-day strikes as the dispute about pay, jobs and working conditions continues. The walkout will run along with the half-term holiday and [...]

According to new reports from scientists, travelers may have not yet seen the end of travel problems caused by volcanic activity. Apparently a second, much larger volcano in Iceland is currently showing signs that it may soon erupt. This news comes as airlines and travelers were finally starting to enjoy normal airline schedules, which had [...]

Apparently talks between British Airways and the Unite union have been adjourned until today (Friday). This means that talks aimed at resolving the conflict between the two parties did not take place yesterday and brought neither side close to an agreement. Willie Walsh, the British Airways chief executive, met with leaders of Unite Wednesday night [...]

Although British Airways has said that they are well prepared to take on these strikes, it seems that the airline is still continuing in a legal bid to halt the strikes. In fact, British Airways has just recently warned the Unite union that it intends to return to the courts in a bid to have [...]

According to new reports, the Queen’s speech, which was delivered to parliament on May 25th, revealed the government’s plans to change the financial management of airports in the UK. This could mean big things for the airline industry as a whole in the UK. The Queen said that her government would reform economic regulation of [...]