Just like many other places in the world, the British government is currently urging all of its citizens to stay away from Egypt as it upgrades its Egypt travel advice. They are also asking all of the Brits that are currently in Alexandria, Cairo and Suez to leave as soon as it is safe to [...]

The British government is not backing down from its plans to scrap the national hotel star rating system. In fact, British government officials have branded the present situation in the industry as “bizarre.” The tourism minister, John Penrose, said that travel websites, like TripAdvisor, could provide a more efficient service if this star rating system [...]

People are always looking to get all the money out of tourists that they can. Well apparently tourists will now be charged to stand astride the Greenwich Meridian line. This news comes as the Royal Observatory announced its plans to introduce an entry fee. Starting in March, tourists wanting to enter this World Heritage location [...]

Spain sees Foreign Visitor Numbers Grow

Posted on: January 26th, 2011 Posted by Dave Bond

Reports now show that Spain’s tourist industry has just recently started to rebound from the economic crisis, which had a death hold on the tourist industry as a whole. The government in Spain said that its foreign visitor numbers have finally started edging upward by 1 percent. Brits still represent the largest tourist group that [...]

According to recent reports, British travelers apparently end up paying more for their flights if they book them on airlines’ UK websites. These same reports go on to show that Brits could save money if they buy their tickets on the same company’s overseas website instead. One researcher said that flights typically cost more on [...]

Ryanair Takes Action Against Boarding Card Ruling

Posted on: January 24th, 2011 Posted by Stewart Perry

It now seems that Ryaniar does not plan on simply accepting a recent ruling that stated that their reissued boarding pass fee was unlawful. This ruling was made by Barcelona Commercial Court No. 1 just last week. However, a group of lawyers, acting on behalf of Ryanair, have been told to appeal against the Spanish [...]