For a lot of travelers, booking a room only to find out it has a bad view is a nightmare. After all, no one wants to book a room and think that they are going to be getting a view of a park or beach but get a view of the parking lot. The good [...]

When it comes to well-know online travel sites, very few are as well-known as In fact, thanks to the company’s very strong international presence, they were able to report a positive fourth quarter in 2010. Thanks to this the company was also able to report that it has a positive full year profit in [...]

Movies Proving to be Good for UK Attractions

Posted on: February 24th, 2011 Posted by Dave Bond

Whoever said that Hollywood blockbusters could not spur tourism? According to recent reports, Britain’s leading tourist attractions have just recently announced a nice increase in the number of visitors over the past year. What was the cause of this nice increase? Well apparently people are pointing toward Hollywood. New figures that were apparently released by [...]

Travelodge Sales Grow by 13 Percent

Posted on: February 23rd, 2011 Posted by Robert Jones

The well-known budget hotel chain Travelodge has just recently announced some very exciting news for its company. Apparently the company said that it has seen a 13 percent jump in its sales when compared to last year. On top of this, the company expects that its sales will continue to grow for the rest of [...]

People today count on the internet a lot. It makes everything a whole lot easier. Apparently many Brits are now finding out that it makes buying travel services easier. In fact, a report from the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) says that Brits spent some £2.1 billion online in January. On top of that, [...]

Lonely Planet Now Completely Owned by BBC

Posted on: February 21st, 2011 Posted by Abi Bray

It seems that the BBC has just recently purchased the remaining 25 percent of Lonely Planet. It is said that BBC paid about £42 million to buy out the rest of this travel guide publisher. The co-founders of Lonely Planet, Tony and Maureen Wheeler, have exercised a put option on their remaining stake. This was [...]