Britain Warns Citizens About Traveling to Syria

Posted on: April 13th, 2011 Posted by Robert Jones

It now seem, as of Tuesday, that Britain has warned against all but essential travel to Syria. This new warning came after there was a very bloody crackdown on anti-regime demonstrators over the weekend. Now Britain is saying that it is unsafe for its citizens to travel to this area. The Foreign Office Minister for [...]

It now seems that an already popular hotel chain in London is now making its way State side. This hotel chain, called Yotel, is known for offering small but cheap hotel rooms. However, people no longer have to travel to London to stay in these hotels. They now have access to these hotel rooms in [...]

Reports are now showing that the well-known British travel company, First Choice, has said that it will soon only offer all-inclusive holidays. In fact, the firm just recently announced this new plan this week. They said that the change comes as the company looks to save some money. Of course, First Choice also admitted that [...]

It now seems that Expedia is thinking about spiting into 2 different companies. That’s right, rumors have hit the net that state that the company has already started to discuss these plans. Now the only question people have left is: When will this new deal take place? Apparently the rumors of the company splitting into [...]

FCO Changes its Warning on Japan

Posted on: April 7th, 2011 Posted by Sharon Miller

It now seems that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has just recently downgraded its warning over travel to Tokyo. Despite this good news for Tokyo, the FCO is still recommending that people do not travel to the northeastern part of Japan. That is the area where Japan is experiencing problems with its Fukushima Daiichi [...]

In order to run an airline, the company has to have fuel, meaning that, when the price of fuel goes up, airlines are forced to pay it or stop offering their services. In order to help cover the cost of rising fuel prices airlines normally impose things like fuel surcharges. Since fuel prices have been [...]