British Airways Cabin Crew Now Voting on New Deal

Posted on: May 31st, 2011 Posted by Abi Bray

Reports show that the British Airways cabin crew have just recently started voting on a new deal offered by the flag carrier. The hope is that this new deal will be able to bring an end to the very long-running dispute between the airline and its cabin crew. This dispute has caused tons of flight [...]

When people see women that they like, they will come up with a lot of different things to say to try and impress them. Sometimes the things guys come up with are better than others. Other times the things that the guys come up with are simply dumb. This just so happened to be the [...]

By now, most airline passengers know that airlines like to get famous people to star in their safety videos. Airlines seem to think that this helps people pay attention to the safety videos more. Well it now seems that Turkish Airlines is the latest airline to jump on this band wagon. However, Turkish Airlines is [...]

As some travelers have already noticed, there has been a strong increase in the business travel sector. This is great news for companies like Hogg Robinson, who specializes in business travel. In fact, this corporate travel company has already announced some very strong recovery numbers as the economy starts to strengthen. The firm went on [...]

Many airlines have admitted that they are upset by the latest reports on the Iceland volcano that has just recently erupted. This new eruption, which came from the Iceland volcano of Grimsvotn, has caused the cancellation of more than 250 flights so far. However, apparently there are some airlines that are simply not prepared to [...]

According to new reports, the planned strike by workers of the Heathrow Express may affect the Champions League Final in Wembley. The Heathrow Express is the line that runs between Heathrow Airport and London. This bad news came to light after the Heathrow Express workers voted to stage two days of walkouts. These two strikes [...]