According to a new survey, there are a lot of factors that train passengers are upset with. Two of the biggest problems that were noted were people being upset with the amount of space available on carriages and the punctuality of the trains themselves. This survey, which was handled by consumer watchdog Passenger Focus, shows [...]

Is it right for taxpayers to keep shelling out more and more money for members of the royal family to travel around? Well whether people feel it is right or wrong, that is what’s happening, according to new reports. In fact, Prince Charles’s income from taxpayers and the amount of money that he is spending [...]

American Airlines Announces New Boarding Process

Posted on: June 28th, 2011 Posted by Helen Young

It now seems that well-known United States airline American Airlines has announced a brand new boarding process. Now some people are welcoming this process with open arms, while others think that it is going to do nothing more than cause travel chaos. Anyone that has flown with American Airlines knows that they typically board the [...]

New reports are now showing that a brand new design for rail travel has just recently come out. This new design was made by Priestmangoode, which is a London-based design group. The plan is currently being called Moving Platforms. Overall, this new Moving Platforms project is supposed to allow high-profile trains to run across the [...]

It now seems that a Southwest Airlines pilot has recently found himself in hot water over a rant about flight attendants. The rant, which was just supposed to be heard by his fellow crew members, was broadcast on a microphone that was apparently “stuck.” Thus, the rant was heard by airplane crews, as well as [...]

It now seems that the long running dispute between British Airways and Unite, which is the union representing the airline’s cabin crew, is finally coming to an end. This is a day that many believed may never come. However, just recently the union said that its members have voted 92 percent in favor of the [...]