Southeastern Prepared for the Unexpected

Posted on: September 30th, 2011 Posted by Abi Bray

To be a good company, that group has to be prepared to deal with the unexpected. Now that is something that is usually easier said than done. However, during a time when other rail companies won’t even begin to admit that something could possibly go wrong, one company is saying that they are prepared if [...]

It seems that China’s commercial capital, Shanghai, has just recently been the victim of a metro crash. This has caused experts to state fresh concerns regarding the safety of the metro system in China. Some experts now think that China has been in too big of a rush to develop its vast transport network, and [...]

Post Office Says Sri Lanka Offers the Best Value

Posted on: September 28th, 2011 Posted by Tiffany Phillips

According to new figures by the Post office, Sri Lanka offers the best value for holidaymakers. Mostly, this is because costs are down 33 percent on the island. Thus, it has now become a great budget getaway spot for consumers. Many people are likely to spend their winter breaks here. The report done by the [...]

Telangana Sees Rail Disruptions Due to Blockade

Posted on: September 27th, 2011 Posted by Tiffany Phillips

It now seems that the Telangana region in India was brought to a standstill over the weekend. This was all due to a two-day blockade that actually did not end until Sunday evening. This was all a form of protest, which involves using a large group of people to prevent traffic. This event was called [...]

Frontier Airlines Announces Plans to Cut Over 200 Jobs

Posted on: September 26th, 2011 Posted by Dave Bond

According to local reports from Milwaukee, it would seem that Frontier Airlines has announced plans to cut some 213 jobs. This will happen as the airline lays off a huge amount of staff at its Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. Overall, this big layoff will hurt Frontier staff that work at General Mitchell International Airport. [...]

Best Western Announces Big UK Brand Overhaul

Posted on: September 23rd, 2011 Posted by Helen Young

It now seems that Best Western is looking forward to giving its UK brand a big overhaul. It is going to do this by setting up three tiers. Pretty much, these tiers are going to be broken up into Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier. The brand-new CEO of Best Western Great [...]