Protecting Homes and Businesses with Contents Insurance

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 Posted by Helen Young

When it comes to protecting a home or business, people are very quick to buy insurance. However, what about the things inside the said building? According to Contents-Insurance, people would be shocked to learn how few people actually look into this kind of insurance. This is bad since it’s the best way for an individual [...]

Which?, the consumer watchdog, said that travelers are being cheated into paying for a variety of fees, which the group calls a “rip off.” The watchdog went on to conduct a study of almost 200 hotels, car rental agents, tour operators, and airlines. In the end, it found out, despite impending legislation from the Europe [...]

London Midland Announces Apology for Offensive Tweet

Posted on: February 27th, 2012 Posted by Sharon Miller

Right now, London Midland is in the middle of doing some PR control. In fact, the company had to come out and say that it was sorry for an offensive tweet that was made regarding a suspected suicide at a train station in Birmingham. Apparently, one of the company’s workers heartlessly told a commuter, who [...]

According to new reports, Network Rail has recently come under fire for introducing a new policy that has been described as discouraging staff to use the transport network that they operate. Reports show, at the company’s brand new office in Milton Keynes, staff are required to live within a 75-minute commute from the complex. Network [...]

New reports now show that a $33 million Premier Inn is being built at Abu Dhabi International Airport. This well-known UK budget group said, this new hotel was slated for a mid-March 2013 opening. However, everything will depend on how construction goes. This news follows a very important agreement that was signed just last year [...]

American Fiances Group May Acquire Travelodge

Posted on: February 22nd, 2012 Posted by Stewart Perry

It now seems that Travelodge could be on the verge of being taken over by two American hedge funds. This would allow Travelodge to raise the money that it needs to prevent it from defaulting on its loans of £528 million. Right now, the company needs to raise at least £60 million. These reports go [...]