New reports now show that Enterprise has promised not to rent out cars that have been recalled anymore. In fact, the rental giant said that all recalled cars will first be identified and then repaired before they are rented out to the general public. This announcement was made by Andrew Taylor, who is the chief [...]

Is it alright for the government to keep certain industries from striking? What about the airline industry? Should they have the same rights as everyone else? Well, not according to the Turkish government. In fact, the airline is in the middle of experiencing a number of problems as its members call in “sick” in protest [...]

Apparently, there are a number of Brits that want to travel to Greece. At the very least, there are a ton of Brits that are looking for a cheap holiday. Since tour operators have now slashed prices to Greece, the number of people who are booking flights to this location has increased a ton. This [...]

Gold Plus Rewards Program Expanded by Hertz

Posted on: May 28th, 2012 Posted by Helen Young

New reports now show that Hertz has chosen to expand its Gold Plus Rewards program. This is huge news since Hertz is the biggest general use airport car hire brand in the world. This expansion will now see the reward program offered to three more international markets. Now loyal consumers will be able to take [...]

According to new reports, regulators in Scotland are now calling for tougher rules to be placed on trains. The rule that is currently being focused on has to do with “on time” qualifications. Currently, a train is considered to be on time as long as it arrives within ten minutes of its scheduled arrival time. [...]

Bankruptcy Filed by City Airline

Posted on: May 24th, 2012 Posted by Tiffany Phillips

New reports now show that the Swedish carrier, City Airline, has now canceled all of its flights and filed for bankruptcy. This latest development is going to affect a number of Brits since City Airline ran a number of flights in the UK. For those that do not know, City Airline was a subsidiary of [...]