As everyone already knows, the London Olympic Games are already in full swing. People from all over the world have traveled to London to watch the game. Although the transport network has overcome the first hurdle, they still have a lot to do. In fact, they are still urging all daily commuters to find alternative [...]

According to new reports, a brand new Holiday Inn app has just come out for the Samsung Galaxy S III. However, before people go rushing off to try it at their local Holiday Inn, they need to note that this new app only works in a few selected rooms. Holiday Inn says that this new [...]

For those that have been keeping up, there has been a huge debate recently in India about tiger tourism. Well, apparently a decision on the matter has finally been decided on by the Indian Supreme Court. The judge has ruled to ban tourism in many of the country’s tiger reserves. This ban has now been [...]

Military Personnel to Get Free Olympic Travel

Posted on: July 26th, 2012 Posted by Helen Young

Work for the military? Well, for the people who do, they can expect not to pay for travel during the Olympics. In fact, Transport for London has just recently said that all military personnel that are working in London during the games will be able to travel for free on all of their services this [...]

According to American Airlines, the company will become one of the first United States airlines to put lie-flat seats in their new planes. These seats will of course be great for transcontinental flights. Just this past Monday, American said that it was going to put these seats in its new Airbus A321 that will operate [...]

Airlines say that they charge consumers a fuel surcharge to help cover the cost of fuel. However, new reports are now showing that this may not be the case. In fact, this surcharge has been increasing twice as fast as fuel prices over the last year. Thus, it is looking like this surcharge is just [...]