Qantas Cutting Back on 500 More Jobs

Posted on: November 9th, 2012 Posted by Tiffany Phillips

It seems like there is some bad news for people who work at Qantas. Apparently, the airline is going to be cutting back on another 500 jobs. Most of these jobs are going to be engineering jobs in Sydney and Victoria. This all comes as the airline has planned to reduce its bases for aircraft [...]

One thing is for sure, people on the east coast of the United States have had a rough go of things as of late. To top it off, as if Hurricane Sandy was not enough, there is yet another storm approaching the coast. This has caused many major airlines to go ahead and scrap a [...]

According to new reports, a 43-year-old Omni Air pilot, who was accused of stealing a man’s rental car, was arrested just this past weekend. He is now being accused of vehicle theft and a DUI. This was the statement that was released on Monday by the King County sheriff’s department. Police reports say that a [...]

What has been causing Brits to travel less? Well, according to travel companies, it would be because of all the events that are being held in the UK. Things like the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games have kept Brits at home instead of planning holidays overseas. Having events at home has its drawbacks and [...]

According to new reports, close to 31 percent of all employees lie to their bosses about their taxi costs. In fact, employees have been telling their companies they need more money to pay for cabs, but really prices aren’t increasing. This information was brought to light by Spendivision. The company was able to survey some [...]

According to reports, Madrid has offered to provide more than 85,000 hotel beds if it wins the bid to host the next Olympic Games. It may seem early to start planning for the next games, but it takes years to put this kind of event together. If Madrid wins, this will be the very first [...]

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