Richard Branson, who is the boss for the Virgin brand, has always been very open. He speaks his mind, and he very rarely ever holds back. Now it looks like it is the government that is feeling his wrath. Branson says that governments in the western world are killing the travel and tourism industry. They [...]

Over the weekend, a fire broke out at the Five Sisters Zoo, a popular tourist attraction in West Lothian. The fire apparently took place Sunday morning. It killed a number of insects, reptiles and an otter. According to reports from BBC News, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was able to respond to the fire [...]

According to reports, a female tourist was recently robbed and rapped on a bus in Rio de Janerio. To make matters worse, her boyfriend was beaten and forced to watch the rape while he was handcuffed to one of the seats. The Brazilian police say that they are not disclosing the nationalities or identities of [...]