How much is a bottle of water worth? For people staying at the Wellesley Hotel in Knightsbridge, it’s going to cost more than a bottle of champagne. At least, that is what one businessman found out after holding a client meeting there. Businessman Edward Heaton said that he decided to hold his client meeting at [...]

Most airlines are working hard on making everything smaller on planes. Case and point would be the recent patent that Airbus filed that showed passenger seats being reduced in size to nothing more than bicycle seats. That being said, Alaska Airlines still wants to give some passengers more room. Although they are not going to [...]

Many cities around the world count on sporting events to bring in tourists from all over the world. There are few sporting events that bring in crowds as big as the Tour de France. The 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire is expected to bring in more than 2 million spectators from all over the [...]