The agreement that was originally formed between American Airlines and JetBlue Airways is about to be dissolved. This has a lot to do with the fact that American Airlines merged with US Airways last December. These two airlines now form American Airlines Group Inc. Unfortunately, the new group does not seem to be interested in [...]

During this time of year, thousands of people travel across the world to visit the Saudi holy City of Medina. Unfortunately, this pilgrimage ended in disaster this year as more than 15 people were killed in a hotel fire. Reports also show that more than 130 pilgrims were injured. According to local authorities, the fire [...]

Southwest Airlines Plans on Going International

Posted on: January 29th, 2014 Posted by Helen Young

It looks like people all over the world may soon be flying with Southwest Airlines. This news has emerged because the carrier is planning to adventure outside U.S. airspace and into other parts of the world. To start with, the airline is going to start offering flights to cities in the Caribbean. These flights will [...]

  On June 12, the FIFA World Cup starts! The Foreign & Commonwealth Office recently launched a webpage where Brits can get travel tips and updates before travelling to Brazil for the games. View some of the tips below or visit the webpage HERE for more tips. Brazil Travel Advice for the FIFA World Cup [...]

Security guards always put their lives at risk when they are on the job. Hotel security guards are no different. They know they have to be on the lookout for guns, knives and other objects that can cause death. However, very few of them are ever on the lookout for pythons, which turned out to [...]

Alton Towers Gets More Than 2,000 People Apply for Jobs

Posted on: December 18th, 2013 Posted by Dave Bond

One of the biggest attractions for Brits and tourists to visit in the UK is Alton Towers. Recently, this theme park announced that it was expanding its staff and looking to hire at least 1,200 people. It looks as if Alton Towers will have no trouble filling these spots after 2,000 people applied for the [...]