Recently, United Airlines messed up and stuck a dog on the wrong plane. The dog was supposed to head to Phoenix, Arizona from Newark International Airport. However, despite being correctly labeled, United Airlines’ staff failed to put the dog on the right flight, and he ended up getting sent to Ireland. Edith Lombardo, who is [...]

Things are not looking too good over at American Airlines. In fact, it has just recently been made known that American Airlines’ workforce has recently fallen to its lowest rate in a quarter of a century, putting them at just 63,000 employees. Yes, this includes both full time and part-time staff. At the time of [...]

Iberia Hit by a 5 Day Strike Due to Plans for Job Cuts

Posted on: February 19th, 2013 Posted by Helen Young

Recently there were a number of cancellations that passengers of Iberia had to deal with. This was due to a five-day strike that was started on Monday. Apparently cabin crew members and ground staff are all striking because of planned job cuts. According to the airline, hundreds of flights have already been canceled. This strike [...]

According to reports, a Saudi preacher who admitted to torturing his daughter of 5 years to death is now free to travel as he sees fit. This is because he has been let out of jail after he agreed to pay “blood money”. Back in October of last year, five-year-old Lama al-Ghamdi died in the [...]

Snow and icy conditions have brought on travel chaos in the UK. In fact, reports show that close to 5,000 schools across the UK had to be closed down for the fourth day in a row due to these conditions. All of this is happening during a time when Brits are trying their best to [...]

According to recent reports, the Birmingham City Council has chosen to go ahead with their plans to cut travel funding for more than 2,000 school kids. These were very controversial plans that many people believed the council would not move forward with. However, it seems that the reward of saving some £800,000 by scrapping free [...]