Our Team

Abi Bray

Abi Bray is a young college student who lives in the United States.  The major she is studying is English, and so that she could help pay for some of the expenses of schooling, she decided to try writing online.  Abi has been writing for self-catering-breaks.com, learning about other places and sharing some of her knowledge with others through her travel writing.  She loves writing news for now, but hopes to become a popular novelist after graduating.

Helen Young

Helen Young is from the United Kingdom and has always dreamed of going to different places around the world.  Although her dreams of adventure are still in the works, she has had the chance to live out those dreams by writing travel news about destinations across the globe.  Helen really started learning about these places through reading the news, and then decided to do some of her own writing.  Now she is doing something that she loves, while she plans to live out her dreams.

Robert Jones

Robert Jones, an Australian, has been a writer for much of his life, submitting his pieces to a local newspaper for a column.  He discovered freelance writing while surfing the internet one day and decided to give it try.  After all, he was already writing for a newspaper.  Robert has been writing news about self-catering holidays since then, along with his column in the local newspaper, and he loves this career that he has chosen.

Sharon Miller

Sharon Miller is an American who loves to write, but she use to work in retail.  Shortly after she remarried, her new husband got a promotion and the couple was made to move in order for him to take the new position.  Sharon had to leave her job but decided not to work in retail again, so she searched for a way to make a living on the internet.  She came across writing online and has been doing this ever since, which has made it easier for her to move another 3 times after the first move.

Stewart Perry

Stewart Perry is a young American who lives in India, moving to the country with his family when he was small.  He has adopted the way of life in India, with some of his friends working on the internet as freelance writers.  Stewart recently started doing this as well, coming across writing travel news articles about self-catering breaks.  He enjoys working from home, with the ability to spend time with his family and setting his own work hours.

Tiffany Phillips

Tiffany Phillips is a Canadian who has traveled all over the United States.  She had some very interesting experiences during her holidays and wondered how to share them.  Tiffany started a travel blog to give holidaymakers tips when they travel, as well as advice on what to do in certain situations based on her own experiences.  A couple years later, she decided to write for an even greater purpose, which as led Tiffany to writing travel news about destinations in the United States and beyond.