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Carpano Apartment in XVII century farm garden pool Italy

swimming pool
swimming pool
single bedroom olive grove the farm at night
landscape around the farm olives ready for the harvest swimming pool
Borgo Santa Maria in Valle Living_dining_room living_dining_room_detail_4
Carpano Terrace Carpano Terrace detail 2 garden_detail
Borgo Santa Maria detail view from the garden our white road
laterina landscape

Apartment in Tuscany, Italy

Property Details of Tuscany Apartment

IL CARPANO 61 m2. (3+2) Spacious -Ground floor apartment with its own entrance : kitchen, sitting/dining room with double sofa bed, large double bedroom giving onto a small room with a single bed and onto a very spacious bathroom with shower. EQUIPMENT: hobs, microwave, oven,percolator, kettle, plenty of kitchen supply( glasses, wine, glasses, tea pot),the kitchen is more than fully equipped.The apartment has its own heating system..On the garden, on the side of the apartment a private terrace has been created to make it possible for you to eat outside. On their arrival our guest will find a minimum suplly for the huse:mineral water, coffee, coffee filters, sugar, salt, olive oil,pepper, multiuse detergents,toilet papers. All the detergents for the wahing machine are been suplied by us. This attractive accommodation has been created by the lovingly and painstaking renovation of a large farmhouse, situated on the left bank of the Arno river, near the ancient Sanctuary of Santa Maria in Valle, the origins of which date back to the late Middle Ages. A few kilometres from the house is the ancient hamlet of Laterina.The farmhouse, divided into 1 cottage and 4 apartments, is situated on the slopes of one of the many hills which make up the foothills of the high peaks of Pratomagno and which at this point gently descend towards the Arno river . Its position is particularly privileged and combines the peace and tranquillity of the place with the opportunity of making fast and easy trips to the most interesting art cities of central Italy. The house is surrounded by a large garden area equipped with tables, chairs and canopies, where the swimming pool of 7 x 12 metres is situated, with a part for children (3x3 metres).All the apartments have been tastefully furnished and are all provided with satellite TV. Laundry room with washing machine, iron and ironing table, available for common use.3 Barbecue

Local Area Details

The territory where today the Laterina castle stands out was inhabited ever since very ancient times, as the Etrurian dwellings and the probable Roman settlements of the Augustan age testify. The development of the ancient hamlet started in the 11th century, when deep social transformations brought the populations settled on the planes or in clusters of houses scattered on the hill to gather inside the castle, for safety reasons as well as in order to be closer to the then completed main road, the most important communication and commercial traffic way of Valdarno. In 1272, Arezzo took possession of Laterina to hold up the expansion in Valdarno of the Florentines. Since then for over one century, the castle witnessed bloodshed between the Republic of Florence and the Town of Arezzo. After a series of ups and downs, exactly in Laterina, on the 5th November 1384, the treaty was signed that sanctioned the final defeat of Arezzo and the delivery of the territories of the old village to the Republic of Florence. The historical centre is in perfect conditions and lies on a hill that dominates the Arno plain: the plan has a longitudinal pattern and adapted itself to the line of the ridge on which it lies. The circle of walls encloses the village that overlooks the rugged declivity of the hill. The ancient centre is made up of three parallel streets: the central one, the "Via di Mezzo" ends to the east with the Fortress and to the west with the tower Torre Guinigi. In the middle of the village there is the square with the church of S. Ippolito and S.Cassiano which took this name from the old parish that used to be in the surroundings. On one side of the church the remains of a Roman mosaic coming from the same parish are visible. Externally, a path unfolded along the circle of walls, recognisable today only here and there. In the part to the north-east there is the gate Porta di Ghianderino: this is the only gate of the three original ones that remains and it is the architectural element that mostly reminds us of the ancient walls, made with hewn sandstone and Arno river stones. A little downward from the circle of walls the sanctuary of S. Maria in Valle can be found. Out of Laterina, along the Via Vecchia Aretina, the Villa Monsoglio is to be pointed out, one of the most magnificent villas around Arezzo. It has an extensive Italian garden and interiors decorated with frescoes. The villa was built on an old hospital erected on the road (probably of Roman origins) that connected the Via dei Setteponti to the Cassia Adrianea, on the other side of the Arno river. It was the Peruzzi family of Florence that at the end of the seventeenth century turned the hospital into the present villa. Near Laterina there used to be the bridge Ponte Romito, so called because in the near hospital (founded in 1109 and now known as Villa Monsoglio) had settled one or more "repentants", usually Franciscan tertiaries, commonly called by the population "hermits". The bridge, whose ancient structures remain, was important for the communications between Arezzo and Valdarno. Loro Ciufenna The mountain territory on the Village of Loro, ever changing and charming in its natural landscapes, shows the sign of a human settlement of medieval origins perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment. The fortified castle of Loro is situated on a sunny coast straight down the Ciuffenna stream that in this point flows in a deep rocky gorge. The centre was based on a crossing axis that originated from its gates, one of which used to be upstream of the still visible medieval bridge, the other by another bridge on a stream that does not exist anymore. The part of the built area situated upstream was dominated by the castle, the one downstream was made up of a dense cluster of buildings. There are numerous architectural traces dating back to the Middle Ages; for instance mention is made of the Church of S. Maria Assunta of the 13th century and the characteristic Romanesque bridge with the typical pointed stone arcade. Near the Town-hall there is the Venturino Venturi Museum, after the sculptor and painter born in Loro on 1918. The museum was opened in 1993 and gathers both paintings and sculptures, some inspired by war events and others by the local cultures and the land of Loro, which Venturino wanted to pay homage to. Arezzo 30 km from the property was founded by the Etruscans. It may have been one of the twelve most important Etruscan cities, the so-called Dodecapolis; the famous Chimera of Arezzo, now in Florence, was found here. As Arretium it was a flourishing city in the days of the Roman Empire, well-known in particular for its pottery manufactures (Arezzo ware, bucchero). During the Middle Ages, much of its earlier architecture was dismantled to reuse the stones for fortifications. Arezzo was an independent city-state from the 11th century until 1384, when it was incorporated into the Tuscan State of Florence. Roman amphitheatre and museum cathedral of S. Donato with good medieval stained glass church of S. Maria della Pieve (Romanesque) the apse of which you see above church of S. Francesco with frescoes by Piero della Francesca church of S. Domenico with crucifix by Cimabue Piazza Grande with the Vasari Loggia Medici Fortress ATTENTION PLEASE THESE ARE OUR EXTRA OFFERS: If you need peace and quite to relax, without worrying about danger for your children this is the place! Lots of nice walks... Our central location in Tuscany makes it easy to take short trips to the great art cities of Tuscany: Wine lovers?!! you will be happy to know that there are a lot of places to visit. : just book our Wine tours . We also offer the possibility to rent bikes with all the necessary equipments.Cooking lesson than can take place in the kitchen of you holiday home, are available on demand. We also offer the possibility to book tailor made tours.And least but not last: A REAL SHOPPING TOUR TO THE BEST FASHION OUTLETS:PRADA, GUCCI, ARMANI, DOLCE & GABBANA.... All the extra services: Tours, bikes, cooking lessons has to be booked in advance (that is when you book the apartment)

About Weather/Climate/Temperature
January / febrauary moderately cold and dry, there many sunny days, temperature above 0° most of the time. March to April, longer and sunny days with occasial rainshowers temperature between 15° to 20°.( If you have not children, who go to school, these are for me the best months to visit the country, you will see Sprintime in all its splendour. June, July, August temperature increase rapidly , it is hot and dry, some time even too dry, occasional rainshowers in August. September/October :Autumn is coming and again the temperature is mild and pleasant, you can take long walks and enjoy the changing of colors in the woods and the fields,or visit the many cities of art without the August crowd.November :the time of olive crops, it's interesting and pictoresque to visit the many oil mills. December dry and cold , sometime the temperature goes below 0° ( but very seldom) in this period you can appreciate the fascination of a Tuscan Christmas.
About Airport Information
the closest airport is Firenze -Peretola ( 65 km) away from our homes. but if you come from UK, the most convenient fares are to Pisa airport, that is 2 hrs from our holiday homes.
About Walking
Few km from our holiday homes, you can discover one of the most beautiful naturalistic area of Tuscany " valle dell'inferno and Bandella", where you can walk, hike and do birdwatching,in 2006 it will be possible to book boat tours, in one of the most special area of the Arno Valley. For the natur lovers there many other walking trails, you will fin all the information on the guest information book, that you will find in the apartment.

Carpano Apartment in XVII century farm garden pool Italy Property Information

Location:Tuscany, Italy
This Property Sleeps:5
Minimum Price Per Week:€490
Maximum Price Per Week:€790
Nearest Airport:Florence (airport code FLR)
A deposit of 30% (thirty per cent) of the total amount due must be sent immediately on receipt of our booking confirmation. The balance must be paid at least 45 days before the start of the lease. LEASING VOUCHER: The leasing voucher is only valid for the title holder and is non-transferable. It will be issued on payment of all amounts due and will include instructions on how to reach the reception area of Santa Maria in Valle. or where the keys to the property can be collected. It is strictly forbidden to arrive with more persons than shown on the voucher or to pass it onto a third party. The only exception will be for baby (babies) up to and including 3 (three) years of age and where the leaseholder supplies relevant cots and bedding. Any change of persons made during the lease is forbidden unless previously agreed by Santa Maria in Valle. Failure to observe the above terms may lead to the owner of the property let refusing initial access to the said property. In addition, if the lease holder breaches the above terms during the term of the lease the property owner has the right to deny further access to the property. In either case the leaseholder will forfeit all money paid. In the event that any leaseholder or any member of his party behaves in an unacceptable manner (e.g. breaks furniture, fails to maintain correct standards of hygiene etc.) the party may be asked to leave the property let thereby forfeiting any money paid. PRICES: Prices quoted refer to one-week let of a specific property. Prices include (except where differentiated in the price list): use of hot and cold water, use for electricity except for heating purposes, cooking gas, initial cleaning of the property, sheets and towels, use of swimming pool from May to 7th of October.Not included are: deposit as guarantee against breakage etc., heating costs, telephone if made available, final cleaning of the property ,any other service or materials which must be paid for at the time . ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE, DEPOSIT AS GUARANTEE: a) Arrival at the offices of Santa Maria in Valle. must be between 5.00 pm and 7.30 pm on Saturday afternoons. Should clients be unable to arrive within this time they should telephone +39 328 066 15 23 (. Arrival times after 7.00pm (19.00 hrs) must be agreed upon with the owner. b) On arrival clients must present their voucher and identity documents for all their party to the owner of the property or his representative thus permitting registration with the local authorities. Before taking possession of the keys to the property the client must pay the security deposit (only cash) as indicated in the price list. This deposit will be refunded on departure less any money due for breakage, damage, and/or any supplementary expenses (such as cleaning expenses) the client is held responsible to the property owner for any costs in excess of the deposit. The owner or his representative retains the right to refuse access to any client who fails to pay the necessary deposit. Clients must depart between 8.00am and 10.00am on Saturdays leaving the property in a clean and tidy condition. In the case of departure outside these hours the owner is authorised to return by mail any money held as guarantee after deducting expenses for damages etc. c) Properties will be made available in a clean and tidy condition. Before leaving guests are kindly asked to clean the house briefly paying particular attention to the kitchen. e) At the guests arrival the apartment s are perfectly clean and tidy, and even if the final cleaning is extra and it is € 16,00 per person, the quests are required to leave them in a decent condition with particular attention to the kitchen, if this is not the case the owner is authorised to ask an additional amount of €11,00 per person. d) The property owner reserves the right of entry to the property for purposes of maintenance, gardening, cleaning the swimming pool etc. 7) COMPLAINTS: All properties are checked periodically by staff of Santa Maria in Valle. Details as printed on our web site are drawn up in good faith. Any complaints must be notified in writing to Santa Maria in Valle and to the Agent where the booking was made, within 48 (forty eight) hours of arrival or by 6.00pm (18.00 hrs) on the evening of the Monday following arrival. Complaints not advised in writing within the above time limits will not be considered valid. In any case where Santa Maria in Valle. agrees to help resolve any complaint the client must allow sufficient time to resolve the problem. Should the client leave the property for whatever reason without notifying the company in writing beforehand then all claims of whatever nature shall be considered null and void. 8) LIABILITY:Where Santa Maria in Valle is forced by events beyond their control to cancel a lease the company reserves the right to assign to the client another similar property or as the last resort refund any money paid. On acceptance of the alternative offer the client acknowledges his full agreement to the new lease and agrees to forfeit any right to possible repayment of expenses. In any case where an agreement as above cannot be reached Santa Maria in Valle. will cancel the lease, reimbursing any money paid by the client, who on receipt of same will have no further claim on the company. 9) CANCELLATION: Should the client, for whatever reason, cancel a lease he will have the right to repayment of all money paid minus the following cancellation charges :- cancellation prior to 60 days before the lease is due to start - 10% of the rental price cancellation between the 59th and 30th days before the start - 30% of the rental price cancellation between the 29th and 15th days before the start - 75% of the rental price cancellation between the 14th and the day before the start of the lease - 90% of therental price no show - 100% of the rental price

Property Features

  • Has a Pool
  • Pets are allowed
  • Children are allowed

Accommodation and Facilities Summary

Accommodation Size: Spacious, Accommodation Type: Self Catering, Changeover Day Sat
Suitability Children Welcome, Family Oriented, Pets Welcome
Outside Outside Shower, Outside Tap, Garden, Shared Swimming Pool, Terrace, Parking, Barbecue, Barbecue Area
Location In the Country, Distance to Airport 50-100km, Distance to local restaraunts 3-5km, Distance to convenience store 2km, Distance to beach <100m
Local Area The local town is Lively but not wild, Distance to Local Town Centre 4km, Restaurants, Quiet Bars and Pubs
Local Activities Mountaineering, Walking, Tennis, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Fishing, Cycling
Living Room Fold Out Beds Sleeping 1, Armchairs 1, Sofas 1, Seating for 6 People
Laundry Ironing Board, Iron, Towels Provided, Linen Provided, Washing Machine Provided
Kitchen Toaster, Separate dining area, Microwave, Fridge, Freezer, Oven, Hob, Microwave, Crockery & Cutlery Provided, High Chair Available
Entertainment Radio, TV, Satellite or Cable
Dining Dining room, Seating for 6 People, Dining room table
Heat/Cooling Central Heating
Bedroom Pull-out Beds 1, Singles 1, Doubles 1
Bathroom Bidets, Bathrooms 1
Theme Quiet yet close to local activity

Contact Information for Carpano Apartment in XVII century farm garden pool Italy

Name: Giorgio Marcato
Telephone: +39-055970-7722
Alt Telephone: +39-328066-1523
Fax: +39-055970-7722
It is completely free to send an enquiry! Use this opportunity and email the owner below to ask as many questions as you wish about this Villa in England.

Apartment in Tuscany, Italy