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Rose Sail Inn Sail and Breakfast Caribbean

Bed and Breakfast in Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Property Details of Virgin Islands Bed and Breakfast

You will sail with us on our 43 foot Beneteau yacht, and see almost every island in the BVI. On our luxury yacht, you have the chance to experience the islands from the sea … · Enjoy being awed by pristine anchorages inaccessible by car, ferry or cruise ship · Snorkel to your heart’s content · Swim in your own “private” ocean from the boat, kayak nearby, or sun on deck · Dinghy to islands for exploration, lie on the beach, or find a relaxing spot to read your book · Be at the helm and learn to sail the boat Your day includes breakfast served in the traditional Rose Hill Inn style, with fresh Caribbean fruits and breakfast delights. A light lunch is prepared at a noon anchorage while you swim or explore islands and search for seashells. Dinner is served after evening appetizers and drinks at sunset. Now that’s the life!

Local Area Details

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are 60 miles east of Puerto Rico.

Average Maximum Temperature in July and August —
89 degrees

Wind and Sailing Conditions
Prevailing winds in the summer are SE 10-15 knots. Waters are sheltered with a tidal range of 12 inches. Sailing passages range from 2 to 15 miles and navigation is mostly line of sight because islands are visible at all times.

U.S. Dollar


Government and Population
The British Virgin Islands are a territory of the British Commonwealth, and the total population is about 20,000 people.

Rose Sail Inn Sail and Breakfast Caribbean Property Information

Type:Bed and Breakfast
Location:Virgin Islands, Caribbean
This Property Sleeps:6
Minimum Price Per Week:$1545
Maximum Price Per Week:$3090
Nearest Airport:Beef Island, Tortola (airport code EIS)
8 day sailing vacation, with departures in July and August 2004. Includes 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, and 3 dinners, plus 2 nights in hotel. Wonderful pristine anchorages, innkeeper-sailor team will take you to places no cruise ship can go, and you can even learn to sail! Minimum price above is per person. Prices vary depending on cabin chosen and single/double occupancy. Call for more information and brochure.

Contact Information for Rose Sail Inn Sail and Breakfast Caribbean

Name: Sharon Amberg
Telephone: 800.307.0460
Alt Telephone: 859.873.5957
Fax: 859.873.1813
It is completely free to send an enquiry! Use this opportunity and email the owner below to ask as many questions as you wish about this Villa in England.

Bed and Breakfast in Virgin Islands, Caribbean